All of our team of Naïve Correspondents are committed to the basic principles of clarity and balance. Simple steps, boldly and incisively taken, can have profound ramifications. Many of the ills of our society are due to complex systems of control imposed by people who seek to have power over us and to financially benefit from it.

Several of our group have had important positions in the political system but have become disillusioned by the lack of foresight and any understanding of the cycles of regeneration that we depend on. Our leaders no longer respect the animals which feed us or the trees which provide us with shelter and the oxygen we breathe - and they wantonly pass laws that allow the soil and the seas to be polluted with our chemicals and our waste.

We Naïve Correspondents are especially committed to the teachings of the economic philosopher, Henry George, and to ending the culture of patronage and secrecy that allows basic freedoms and equality of opportunity to be undermined.